My New Favorite Gluten-Free Flour Mix

17 Oct

When you can’t find the flours you’re used to, gluten-free baking becomes much more difficult! Even changes in brand can change the results of a recipe.

Moving from an area with a very good selection of gluten-free flours to an area with a very limited selection, I’ve had some pretty disastrous baking results as I tried to make-do with what I had.

I refuse to make empty-calorie baked goods, so the mixes that are all starch and white rice flour were out. I don’t like the flavor of bean flours (except in a very few recipes), so that was out.

Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free pizza crust mix met my nutritional and flavor criteria, so I tried it…

As an ingredient in pie crust.

As an ingredient in pancakes.

As an ingredient in pizza crust (go figure).

As an ingredient in biscuits.

And coming up, as an ingredient in cake!

It’s got a lot of xanthan gum already in it, so for tender foods like pie crust and pancakes, you’ll want to use part mix and part rice flour (brown rice flour for better nutrition).

If you live in a small town, try this. Buy the pizza crust mix, brown rice flour, and white rice flour (and almond flour, if you’re watching your carbs). You’ll be able to make pretty much anything you want.

(Bob’s Red Mill hasn’t endorsed or sponsored me, but I may approach them in the near future to see if they’ll send me a couple of cases for recipe development. It sure gets expensive!)


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